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Arianna & Blake's Pebble Beach Wedding

Arianna and Blake got married at the gorgeous Monterey Peninsula Country Club. Summer, on the Monterey coast is typically foggy which gave us a full day of gorgeous light. I loved the elegance of their decor, simple and romantic. It paired perfectly with the Spanish architecture of the reception hall. These two really took time throughout their day to savor every moment and be present with each other and their loved ones. I am grateful that I got to capture it all!

Laura & Jake's Jack London State Park Wedding

Laura and Jake got married on quite possibly the hottest day of summer.  Somehow, this didn't seem to stop anyone from having an amazing time in their outdoor venue.  Jack London State Park defines rustic.  This is first and foremost, a beautiful nature preserve, and second, a beautiful wedding venue.  The old stone walls provided an outdoor sanctuary for the ceremony and a wide open field provided a reception site with tons of space for a backyard barbeque feel.  These two are full of personality and there is no doubt when you meet them that they are simply, each other's perfect match.  I felt very blessed to be a part of their day!

Linda & Jeff's Cinco De Mayo San Juan Bautista Festive Wedding

In all of my conversations and emails, I thoroughly enjoyed Linda's upbeat personality.  The vibrancy of her & Jeff's wedding matched their love story perfectly.  They got married at Jardines de San Juan in San Juan Bautista on Cinco De Mayo.  The beautiful colors and well-thought-out details they brought to their day were amazing.  Not to mention their venue was a cacti botanical garden like I've never seen before.  I was in love with the botanical feel of the place.  

Linda & Jeff met on in 2014.  Jeff's first question to Linda was 'What is your favorite ballpark.'  Linda said he had her at 'ballpark.'  Before Linda met Jeff, she had visited all 30 Major League Baseball parks, so they both knew that there had to be some "baseball" overtones to their day.   The name cards were done on baseball jerseys and the tables were named after Linda's top 12 ballparks.  They incorporated a lot of orange because that's Linda's favorite color and it was the perfect color to accent the greenery infused throughout the whole space.  

When your wedding is full of beautiful botanical flair, your florist really needs to be amazing.  H&J Flowers did such a beautiful job.  And the cake by I Do Wedding Cakes fit the scenery perfectly as well.  All of the details that Linda & Jeff added to their wedding, made for the perfect environment for their lively and festive day.  

Lindsay & Jason's Oakland Fairyland Wedding

Lindsay and Jason planned a fun-filled day full of everything and everyone they love.  There were so many fun details infused into their day.  They got married in the Lake Merritt Bandstand and then everyone walked over to The Children's Fairyland for the reception.  Fairyland is the perfect venue for a vibrant celebration.  As if the venue wasn't playful enough, Lindsay surprised Jason by inviting Stomper, the A's mascot to the party.  One of my favorite touches were the slap bracelet corsages!  Such a great idea.  There was so much playfulness and joy shared by everyone!  

Holly & Dane's Botanical San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Wedding

Holly and Dane met in the pre-tinder era almost 9 years ago through mutual friends at a house party and have been inseparable ever since.  They bonded over their love for music and attended many concerts together.  They both knew the other was a keeper from their shared knowledge of The Beatles, Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix.  

Their wedding was jaw-dropping botanical beauty.  The Conservatory of Flowers alone is such a unique venue.  Additionally, the flowers by Eothen Floral matched the decor perfectly, incorporating many of the same flowers actually housed in the conservatory.  

The whole event was light hearted and full of fun with delicious food by Fog Cutter Catering.  Between a lineup of great speeches and music by DJ Travis Ibarra, a joyful evening was shared with their friends and family.  

John & Mabel's Trentadue Winery Wedding

On a perfect day in wine country, John and Mabel got married amongst their closest friends and family.  Trentadue Winery provided a beautiful setting, with jaw dropping scenery and lots of room for guests to enjoy themselves during cocktail hour and an indoor reception once the sun set.  

John and Mabel's reception was rich with performances, good wine and love.  John and his brother performed a piano and violin duet, and the couple did their own piano duet as well.  The flowers by Rhapsody Flower Design were stunning and added another layer of beauty to the event.  The whole day unfolded flawlessly and provided an amazing experience for everyone, most importantly this awesome couple!

Liz & Danny's Foggy Presidio Log Cabin Wedding

Liz & Danny met on Tinder and discovered that they lived 3 blocks from each other in San Francisco.  He is from the Santa Cruz mountains and she is from Northeast Ohio.  They are a super happy and down to earth couple and chose a great venue to begin their love story as husband and wife.  

The Presidio Log Cabin is nestled on top of a hill with an expansive view of the city.  it offers beautiful grounds for an outdoor wedding as well as a cool cabin for an indoor reception. 

I happen to love fog and Liz and Danny agreed that being a foggy day was the perfect iconic San Francisco wedding experience.  For their couples photos we went over to a bridge lookout spot, but all you could see was a wall of fog.  I always know that everything unfolds perfectly on a wedding day.  The foggy backdrop allowed me to capture the simple beauty of this awesome couple with a dreamy ambiance to their photos.  

Lindsey & Marc's Lucy Stern Community Center Palo Alto Wedding

Lindsey and Marc are both from San Jose and met at Marc's parents lake house on the Delta 4 years ago through a mutual friend. They are both water babies so it was important for them to do their first look near water, which we did at the marshlands at Baylands Nature Preserve.

Their wedding was full of beautiful DIY elements.  The bridal party did all of the flowers, Lindsey's sister officiated, and the dessert table was packed full of home made goodies.  

The Lucy Stern Community Center is a quaint venue with an open feeling and plenty of spots for photos.  The day was orchestrated perfectly and packed full of beautiful memories.  

Damon & Paola's Carmel Valley Wedding

Damon met Paola while he was backpacking through South America. He originally planned to stop in Cordoba, Argentina for only a day but then he met Paola and they spent a couple of weeks together.  They now live in Cordoba, Argentina with their 3 year old Sheltie Zeta. 

They got engaged on New Years Eve in 2015.  They celebrated a wedding in Cordoba, Argentina on February 4th but always wanted to have a US wedding as well for the American family and friends who couldn't make the long journey. Their US wedding took place in Carmel Valley at the home of Damon's mom's long time friend.  It was the perfect spot for an intimate wedding with jaw-dropping panoramic views and optimal sunset viewing.  

The ceremony was rich with performances by both the groom and his mother.  The whole day was filled with laughter and beauty!

Christy & Anthony's Golden Gate Bridge Engagement Shoot

When I asked Christy if she could share some fun facts with me about her and Anthony that I could include in my blog post, she shared the following write-up.  It was already written perfectly so I thought I'd share what she wrote and include some of my favorites from their engagement shoot.  

"It was a hot and humid Arkansas morning – the kind of morning where you contemplate bringing your deodorant to work with you for the long walk from your parking space to the office.  But this morning was different… instead of going to the office, it was a short walk into a local coffee shop.  Little did we know this short walk would lead us on the most fulfilling and meaningful walk of our lives – down the aisle. 

The two of us had been friends that met through a professional setting for some time.  We both were in a paradigm of considering a move to be closer to family while staying with the same company.  Him – east coast to Charlotte, NC, and I, west cost to San Francisco, CA.  We connected for a cup of coffee as we both had significant reservations about a fresh start… but the conversation shifted from geographic changes to everything we never knew about each other.

When the time came to head into the office as we both had meetings – the conversation wasn’t over.  There were still things left to be said, and so little time left to say it.

Through follow up dinners, late night walks through downtown, and time at the dog park with our pups – we enjoyed our last moments connecting.  Knowing very well we’d soon part ways, romantic interests weren’t pursued in exchange for some good time with great company.

I left for California and he left for North Carolina, but just like the conversation – it wasn’t over.  Fighting common sense, 3 time zones, and countless airline delays… we took turns traveling back and forth on weekends.  Through short times spent together each week, late night phone calls until you can’t stay awake any longer, and Netflixing every random show under the sun together – our relationship grew."



Soon we could not hold back any longer and a change was made.  We threw caution to the wind and took a courageous leap to be together.  He packed up his Jeep, dog (2nd cutest dog ever BTW- 2nd only to my dog), and himself to move out here after striking up a deal to work remote for his job. 


We both made a difficult choice in the name of each other to be together.  All the trips, sacrifices, and long nights falling asleep 3,000 miles apart culminated into a holiday proposal under Christmas lights illuminated and choreographed to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas, Is You”… and needless to say – it was all either of us could ever want for any Christmas going forward.