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Damon & Paola's Carmel Valley Wedding

Damon met Paola while he was backpacking through South America. He originally planned to stop in Cordoba, Argentina for only a day but then he met Paola and they spent a couple of weeks together.  They now live in Cordoba, Argentina with their 3 year old Sheltie Zeta. 

They got engaged on New Years Eve in 2015.  They celebrated a wedding in Cordoba, Argentina on February 4th but always wanted to have a US wedding as well for the American family and friends who couldn't make the long journey. Their US wedding took place in Carmel Valley at the home of Damon's mom's long time friend.  It was the perfect spot for an intimate wedding with jaw-dropping panoramic views and optimal sunset viewing.  

The ceremony was rich with performances by both the groom and his mother.  The whole day was filled with laughter and beauty!