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Christy & Anthony's Golden Gate Bridge Engagement Shoot

When I asked Christy if she could share some fun facts with me about her and Anthony that I could include in my blog post, she shared the following write-up.  It was already written perfectly so I thought I'd share what she wrote and include some of my favorites from their engagement shoot.  

"It was a hot and humid Arkansas morning – the kind of morning where you contemplate bringing your deodorant to work with you for the long walk from your parking space to the office.  But this morning was different… instead of going to the office, it was a short walk into a local coffee shop.  Little did we know this short walk would lead us on the most fulfilling and meaningful walk of our lives – down the aisle. 

The two of us had been friends that met through a professional setting for some time.  We both were in a paradigm of considering a move to be closer to family while staying with the same company.  Him – east coast to Charlotte, NC, and I, west cost to San Francisco, CA.  We connected for a cup of coffee as we both had significant reservations about a fresh start… but the conversation shifted from geographic changes to everything we never knew about each other.

When the time came to head into the office as we both had meetings – the conversation wasn’t over.  There were still things left to be said, and so little time left to say it.

Through follow up dinners, late night walks through downtown, and time at the dog park with our pups – we enjoyed our last moments connecting.  Knowing very well we’d soon part ways, romantic interests weren’t pursued in exchange for some good time with great company.

I left for California and he left for North Carolina, but just like the conversation – it wasn’t over.  Fighting common sense, 3 time zones, and countless airline delays… we took turns traveling back and forth on weekends.  Through short times spent together each week, late night phone calls until you can’t stay awake any longer, and Netflixing every random show under the sun together – our relationship grew."



Soon we could not hold back any longer and a change was made.  We threw caution to the wind and took a courageous leap to be together.  He packed up his Jeep, dog (2nd cutest dog ever BTW- 2nd only to my dog), and himself to move out here after striking up a deal to work remote for his job. 


We both made a difficult choice in the name of each other to be together.  All the trips, sacrifices, and long nights falling asleep 3,000 miles apart culminated into a holiday proposal under Christmas lights illuminated and choreographed to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas, Is You”… and needless to say – it was all either of us could ever want for any Christmas going forward.